Monday, June 9, 2008

WCPC - Day 1 - Task 1

Today's task distance 63K.

The first task of the WCPC is over and it was a great day of flying. A 63kilometer task was called to Grants Pass then East to Gold Hill and back to the Ruch area to land at the Longsward winery. Winds were forecast to be northy but very light.

I launched as soon as it looked like folks were staying up and spent 45 minutes in the air prior to the start. I had great luck as the start time approached and was at the top of the stack right at the edge of the cylinder when my GPS sang its song * the race was on. This was my best start ever.

Rabies was working and soon there were three gaggles working to get up & on course. I was going to be conservative so I stayed with some lift longer than many did. This put me behind but able to see how the gaggles were doing ahead. I may not be so conservative in future tasks since getting behind doesn't seem to help as much as hurt,..

I made Grants Pass and dirted 3k before the Gold Hill turnpoint. 20 gliders or so made goal with many on the ground near my position. Babush & Devietti were first to goal. Results are HERE.
My flight is HERE.

I'm going to have to push harder to stay with the gaggle. Being conservative is only useful if you have help around & I was in the bad position of being alone & low when I dirted.

It was a great day though & everybody had fun.

Monday is forecast to be windy but we may fly a short task. . .

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